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The Arizona Democracy Resource Center is dedicated to empowering community members and encouraging civic participation. The Resource Center advocates for equitable representation for all Arizonans and work closely with community leaders to protect our democracy. We are committed to dismantling structural barriers to democratic participation, supporting community self-determination, and investing in local leadership. 

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We work to model the electoral justice framework driven by the Movement for Black Lives, including sustainable investment in local leadership and a multiplicity of strategies in order to win true abolition and liberation for Black communities, and therefore all people.

When we witness attacks on our partners and staff, particularly when it's based on race or gender identity, we will actively speak out to support them. This includes carefully considering the way we show up in coalition meetings and in the media.

We believe that conflict is a necessary part of the process of growth and change. We must have the courage to directly confront areas of tension or discomfort, the humility to question our own perspectives, and the active engagement needed to seek out the best approaches and ideas.

We actively practice democratic values in our internal decision-making, relationship-building, and program implementation with transparency, collaboration, and accountability.

We are committed to struggle for democracy, but not at the cost of those closest to harm and directly impacted - instead of through solidarity and the dissemination of organizational resources. Our work will publicly and transparently prioritize and center communities that have been historically marginalized and systematically excluded from the democratic process.

To understand the role we are called to play in this struggle, we have the responsibility of continued learning and transformation, both personally and professionally.

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