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Second Chance AZ Program

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Formerly incarcerated individuals have strong political opinions. However, felony disenfranchisement in Arizona has made people impacted by the carceral system feel as though their voices don't matter. This is intentional. Mass incarceration was developed to be exclusionary, anti-Black, oppressive, and maintain White supremacy. 


Our state has the second-highest rate of Latinx felony disenfranchisement in the country.

77,832 Latinx individuals have been kept from voting.

Black people make up 4% of AZ’s total voter population, but 12% of the disenfranchised population.



The Second Chance program at Arizona Democracy Resource Center educates on rights restoration, marijuana expungement, and other legal procedures. We work to empower impacted people to start the petition process for themselves. Our people want to shape their communities through democratic engagement.

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233,816 people in the state have lost their voting rights due to past felony convictions, but 126,873 of those people are eligible and may be able  to start the rights restoration process.

Second Chance staff collaboratively complete and submits petition with those impacted, volunteer attorneys, movement leaders, and organizers. Our services are provided through in-person clinics and virtually by appointment. 

If you or someone you know has been impacted and lost your voting rights due to a felony conviction or marijuana charge and are interested in starting the Restoration of Rights Process you can sign up here

The program includes resource guides, free legal advice and court support, transportation and childcare services available for our clients. 

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