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Election Protection Arizona (EPAZ)

EPAZ is a nonpartisan effort led by a coalition of local organizations that aims to ensure voters are able to participate in our democracy without threats of intimidation, overly burdensome and purposely confusing policies, or long lines. It works to tear down barriers to civic participation and to modernize outdated election rules that keep citizens from voting.

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We are approaching our 2023 Election Protection program knowing that effective voter protection doesn’t just mean serving as a resource at polling places on Election Day, which we saw play out time and time again throughout early voting and Election Day in 2020. These instances of voter suppression, most often directed towards BIPOC voters, were bolstered or accompanied by misinformation and disinformation, inadequately trained poll workers, and law enforcement presence. We are ensuring that Election Protection Arizona will be a force in alleviating these additional barriers to the voting process. 

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